It’s time to be a jelly snob.

You’ve grown up – now your childhood snacks have too.

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Hovin H
GULU Jelly is quickly becoming one of my favorite ways to consume caffeine. They also taste really good, like you can't just have one good.
John N
These things are really good, especially for someone like me who usually likes light breakfasts and wants the caffeine sometimes in a way that isn't coffee.
Joseph T
This is an excellent product, it started as a snack throughout my day but now its replaced my morning coffee and I will often times have another in the mid afternoon. Its tasty, refreshing, energizing, and gives a nice "full" feeling without any bloat.
Benedict M
I love the portion size and snackability. If I'm busy programming a new feature or working on a hobby project, it's easy enough to grab a pouch from the fridge, massage to my preferred consistency and get a quick boost of energy.